Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu –Alike, Ebonyi State, recently, at the University Main Auditorium held her 3rd inaugural lecture titled, Dialogues and experimentation: African Literature in the Age of the Digital.
Prof. Gloria Monica Tobechukwu Emezue, Professor of English in the Faculty of Humanities and first female tenure professor of AE- FUNAI, delivered the inaugural lecture at the AE-FUNAI capacity filled auditorium.
Welcoming the audience, the chairman, Inaugural and Public Lectures Committee, Prof. Rosemary O. Igbo explained that the lecture titled “Dialogues and Experimentation: African Literature in the age of the Digital’’ is actually focused on dialogues and experimentations in African Literature within the context of the digital age. She further explained that the lecture is a great work of art and an expedition into the world of imagistic language and the exploration for the African Identity.

Prof. Rosemary Igbo presenting welcome address.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chinedum Nwajiuba while making his opening address at the event, commended the organizing committee for inaugural lectures for their continued good performance in the assignment given to them. He advised younger academics that when confronted with the challenge of an inaugural lecture, they should be able to locate their teaching, research, community service activities within a universally respected corpus of knowledge to which efforts have been devoted and have earned professorship. This he stressed requires interrelationship in teaching, researching, serving the community, making contributions to knowledge and being able to locate these in a constantly changing and emerging world of the future. Prof. Nwajiuba reiterated that AE-FUNAI being a University with serious academic orientation, her inaugural lecture shall not be about exaggerated exuberance, but shall be a serious academic exercise, which will be about a professors career, researches and contributions towards the extension of the frontiers of knowledge, which will seek to show why a professor is deserving of the elevation and will be as early as possible in the career.

VC, Prof. Chinedum Nwajiuba making opening address.

Delivering her lecture, Prof. G.M.T Emezue explained that” Literature “derived from the Latin word “littera” meaning “written” presents characters through any of its genres of poetry, drama or prose, thereby concretizing an array of human values, emotions and ideas. She emphasized that in the process of reading a literary work, we subtly internalize the information by unconsciously identifying with the characters or values that we cherish, admire or hate. This she stated makes literature a powerful tool for initiating social changes. She added that literature helps in expanding the domains and frontiers of human languages and helps us shape our world through the process of imagination.

Inaugural Lecturer, Prof. G.M.T. Emezue delivering the lecture.

Prof. Emezue while explaining African literature in the digital age stated that African dirge poetry a part of African literature whether written or oral is mostly communal and seeks to perpetuate the continuity of life beyond the mortality of the flesh. She emphasized that African literature calls attention to itself in the special way it uses the English language adding that is a viable tool in the dissemination of ideas and concepts that regenerate values and cherished world views and cosmogony of the African especially in attempt to align himself with his culture while proffering solutions in combating some of the existing world problems. She further added that African literature has a lot to do with reshaping Africa’s future through tapping the imaginative faculties in the process of re-examining and re-imagining the African societies and her people. The lecture ended with Prof. G.M.T. Emezue reciting a poem she wrote titled ‘’ Tender Feet (for jah jah Binks)’’.

5L, Prof. G.M.T. Emezue, VC, Prof. C. Nwajiuba and other principal officers of AE-FUNAI.

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