Medical Biochemistry

The Department of Medical Biochemistry in the faculty of Basic Medical Sciences runs two parallel undergraduate programmes; one leading to the B.Sc. Medical Biochemistry degree, and the other Part II MBBS professional examination. However, the MBBS programme would commence as soon as Medical & Surgery programme is established as being planned.

BSc Medical Biochemistry

Biochemistry or the chemistry of life is fundamental to a proper understanding and appreciation of all life sciences. Our students are sufficiently prepared through instruction in all the core and applied aspects of biochemistry, both theoretically and in practical laboratory settings, with emphasis on the medical applications

At the end of the programme, the students are equipped with the knowledge base for successful undertaking of higher degree studies and research; gainful employment in any biochemical, biomedical and biopharmaceutical industries, including the emerging and contemporarily significant field of biotechnology

Part II MBBS Professional Examination

The medical biochemistry programme leading to the Part II MBBS professional examination is designed to provide a fundamental and sufficiently thorough knowledge of biochemistry to the medical students such that at the end of the programme, students are aware of and appreciate the relevance of biochemistry to medicine

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Professor Joseph O. Nwankwo
Head of Department
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Prof. Austine O. Ibegbu
Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Science

Prof. Austine O. Ibegbu

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