ICT Services Unit

The FUNAI ICT aims to use ICT as a propelling force in providing quality teaching-learning, research, administration and outreach services to the University. ICT is viewed at FUNAI not only as a support service but as a driving force in providing quality education to FUNAI’s students.
The key objectives of FUNAI ICT Unit are as follows:

To provide reliable network infrastructure and network based services (email, web hosting, internet, intranet, etc) for the University
To study ICT related requirements of FUNAI and provide timely solution networks, hardware and software
To conduct ICT related problem oriented research activity
To Plan and administer FUNAI wide architecture for application software development and use
To be an excellence center of software development, Network administration, Hardware and software maintenance, training, consultancy and web application development
To ensure that the following services are provided effectively: Internet connection, Laboratory and office computers functionality, Computer System User administration, LAN connection and Functioning of various software owned by FUNAI
To provide maintenance service to computers and network infrastructure
To provide high quality outreach services to the University community such as Networking services, software development services, training services, Maintenance services, help desk support services to the University community on ICT applications and facilities and to complement the Internal Generation of Revenue programme of the University through the provision of ICT services within and outside the University Community