Facilities and Resources

The University prides itself on offering excellent learning resources for students, the latest computing technology and a million-volume library.

Wireless access internet is available throughout all University buildings and student accommodation and many of our computer labs will be open 24/7.

  • A Million-Volume Library
  • New Library Project
  • Computing & Service Desk
  • High-Tech Language Learning
  • Student Learning Service
  • Funai Sports Village

Infrastructural Facilities
The University will provide the necessary infrastructure required for proper academic development and social interaction. This will include Internet access, water, electricity, roads, streets, street lights, etc.
i.  Water
The University will sink a number of boreholes on campus and ensure adequate supply and distribution of water including the use of water tankers to ensure that all areas are properly supplied.
ii.  Electricity
The University will be linked to the National Grid while generators will be installed to supply light and power when there is an outage. The University will explore the possibility of lighting the streets by solar power.
iii.  Telecommunications
An internal telephone network, including a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), would be provided to give reasonable coverage to the University to service the Offices and the Residences. The University is also expected to have an Internal Radio-link system, in addition to the Radio-link with the NUC. Facsimile (FAX), and Internet inter-connectivity are to be provided for in the telecommunication plan for the University.
iv.  Waste Disposal
Wastes (solid and liquid) will be disposed of in a systematic and orderly manner to ensure safety, good health, environmental friendliness and general well being of the people.