Centre For Entrepreneurship and Employability

Entrepreneuship centreThe establishment of the FUNAI Centre for Entrepreneurship and Employability was approved by the erstwhile Vice-Chancellor on 30 July 2015 and ratified by the Senate on 5 August 2015. The Centre was established in line with NUC’s directive that all Universities in Nigeria should set up an entrepreneurship study centre. One of the distinctive features of our Centre is that it emphasis both entrepreneurship and employability thereby broadening students’ thinking regarding career options. The rationale for the incorporation of employability services to the Centre’s core mandate is that most graduates of Nigerian Universities are unemployable due to an overly emphasis on obtaining certificate rather than skill development. In a competitive and fast-moving global economy, graduates need to stand out to get the jobs they want. Graduate employers across all industries want more than just a degree; they want graduates who can demonstrate a wide range of skills, attributes and knowledge often called ‘employability skills’. In essence, the Centre equips students fully to enact careers in paid employment or entrepreneurial career. The two key aims of the Centre are as follows:

  1. The Centre aims to be the focal point for entrepreneurship research, teaching and practice at FUNAI. The centre is committed to advancing and promoting entrepreneurial mind set and skills among students and staff of the University. It acts as the hub for entrepreneurial initiatives in the University and promotes the creation of new business ventures emanating from new ideas and innovations.
  2. The Centre aims to support students to develop their employability skills and personal attributes required to move into the graduate position they desire, while also fostering the mind set and attitude necessary to embark on a rewarding lifelong journey in their chosen industry.