Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs

Student affairs Department Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo,Ebonyi State as a unique department was established by the management of the University.

The Department is saddled with the responsibility of co-ordination, supervision and administration of students’ matters. Our duties also cover the administration and management of University hostels with experienced and seasoned administrator as our Dean and team of professional counsellors, administrators and qualified porters. We have hostels for both male and female which provide good accommodations’ for our students. At Student Affairs Department, we have 4 units namely:


The Dean of student affairs is Dr. Charles Nkem Okolie and a seasoned administrator. He is in charge of the Unit.

The male hostel department provides accommodation for the male student which currently has a population of (503) and the unit is headed by Mrs Ngozi Nwudu.

The female hostels provide comfortable accommodation for the female students and the unit head is Dr.Albi-Oparaocha, Florence.C who is also a professional Counsellor. Presently, the Student capacity is about (486) female students.

The stores department is also fully equipped and furnished by the University management to supply all the required materials to the hostels.

The students are given expertise counselling services by professional guidance counsellors in the hostel. The hostels are fully equipped with regular power and water supply; good convenience rooms and disinfectant.

Presently in FUNAI, the total students capacity in the hostels is about 989 (nine hundred and eighty nine) students with a staff strength of about 37 in the students Affairs Department.

Contact Information
Dr. Charles Nkem Okolie
Dean of Student Affairs
  • Left wing, Old Vice Chancellor/Registrars block, directly opposite old Registrar’s office, Take-off campus, FUNAI
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